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St Mark's Church Colchester

We are the church – a group of people who believe in the love of Father God, that Jesus is good news for everyone and that the Holy Spirit empowers us to live life to the full.

We meet in North Colchester to worship God and encourage each other as we try to follow the example Jesus set for us. 

St Mark’s is an informal and relaxed church where we hope you will find a warm welcome and a mixed-age congregation full of normal(ish) people. We’d love to meet you whether you’ve been going to church for years, haven’t been for a while, or are just interested in finding out more. 

We are a Church of England church, in the Diocese of Chelmsford and part of the parish of St Luke’s Highwoods.

Our History

A church plant is where people from an existing church are commissioned to start a new gathering somewhere else – it’s something we borrowed from the earliest followers of Jesus. 

In 1992, St John’s Church (Ipswich Road, Colchester) planted St Luke’s Church in Highwoods. St Luke’s Church meets in Highwoods Community Centre on a Sunday and has a wonderful presence in the community Monday to Saturday through The Oak Tree Coffee House.

Having been planted themselves, St Luke’s Church always had planting in their DNA and with Sunday morning services full to capacity, it was time to plant again. Every member was asked if they felt a call to be part of the planting team, and those that said yes have gone on to begin St Mark’s.

On Sunday 8th November 2020, St Luke’s Church prayed for 31 people and sent us out to start St Mark’s. It's been an exciting journey so far, but saying goodbye to our friends is hard – so we plan to continue working together with St Luke’s to spread God’s love around north Colchester.

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